“The human heart is a factory of idols…Everyone of us is, from his mother’s womb, expert in inventing idols.”  John Calvin

This is an extremely true quote.  All of us struggle with idolatry.  Some of our idols are bad things, like lust and greed, while other idols are good things like family and friends.  I hope this week all of us at UFC take time to examine the idols in our own lives.  I also am praying that this coming Sunday, Lord willing, we will find encouragement from God’s word to begin to smash our idols.

Here are thirteen questions adapted from David Clarkson’s (1621-1686) sermon Soul Idolatry Excludes Men out of Heaven to help us expose our idols.

1) What do you esteem? That which we most highly value, we make our God.

2) What are you most mindful of?

3) What is the chief aim of your life?

4) What are you most resolved for?

5) What do you love the most?

6) What do you trust in?

7) What do you most fear?

8 ) What do you make your hope?

9) What do you most desire?

10) What do you delight in and rejoice over?

11) What are you most zealous/passionate for?

12) What are you most grateful for?

13) What do you spend your time and energy on?

I pray we will be honest in our answers and prayerful in repentance. Soli Deo Gloria