During yesterday’s sermon, Mat cast light on the idea of a bondservant, which was a common term used by Paul in his New Testament writings to describe our relationship to Christ Jesus our Lord.  I found my soul welling up with affections for our Lord as Mat preached yesterday.

For those of you who may have missed it, a bondservant in the ancient Near East was one who had willingly subjected himself to servanthood after being set free from his “required” term of service.  At this point, a bondservant would be marked with the piercing of an awl through his ear to delineate him as a “bondservant” not just a regular-old servant.

The beauty in all this is that, for those who are truly the Lord”s, servanthood to Christ is not one marked primarily by duty but  by delight.  George Whitefield, the great evangelist of the 18th century, said that he knew he had truly been converted when religion ceased to be a duty and became his delight.  Whitefield understood the difference between being a regular-old servant and a bondservant, and that makes all the difference. Just as was the case with the bondservant, when we serve our Master with glad-hearted obedience instead of duty-driven obedience, we glorify the goodness of our Master all the more.